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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fuse - Linzi Stoppard, Violin review

Year : 2010
Genre : Massively Instrumental Violin Rock
Label : Edel Records
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Fuse is a duo featuring two electric violinists in various beefy takes on well known - mostly - rock and pop rock classics. Beside the music itself, the human presence on stage which the sounds are channeled from is at least as important than what the notes convey per event, because the audio-, while decently realized, has no other true intent/meaning in it than to serve as the sonic catalizator, as the "mere" background for a live show.

In the context of the Fuse duo, the unique significance of the heat of the moment is even more primordial than that of the character and niftyness of the music, as no one will blame a furious index finger at Linzi Stoppard if she misses a note, not when you are occupied tracing the elegant silhouettes on the stage. Read on to know more about it.

The sound timber and the musical data on the record, though is melodically relevant throughout, exhibits the expectable simultaneous relentlessness at harvesting the famous melodies of the offered classics as soon as possible, maintaining a fine and well cultivated connection with an obligatory image of embedded variation. As noted, the visual presence is an essential component of this product, and so are the deliberately heated rhetorics that remains intact and observable even when you consume the experience in the form of a native audio stimuli. This duo - the masculine presence is a nice True Blood-ian counterpoint of the female arch-form - needs to consider making a video. OR two. Beautiful people with loud, electric, colored violins - what's not to like?

Check out Fuse at their official website : > - here - <

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