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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Freezy - Cypher Sessions review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Shoot 4 The Stars / True Talent Never Dies
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Connecticut based hip hop artist Freezy releases his fourth mixtape, featuring a wide selection out of the recent talent pool your alert host is keen to recommend. This time, Freezy assembled a collection that sounds to exhibit a more laid back and easy going demeanor as its overall tone, targeting and successfully revealing a tastefully realized lounge session you can chill out to - right after the party you have been into has successfully revealed the meaning of it all. (Again.)

Being smooth and EZ does not prevent the mixtape from showing diverse variation, something that is most notable throughout the overall mood and tempo of the individual entries. In fact, flamboyancy seems to be a key agenda : the album features 17 tracks divided along 49 minutes, which is both a perfect AND a sober length for the addressed intention to cover the recent image of Connecticut area hip hop. Read on to find out more about this.

As suggested, the Cypher Sessions mixtape emerges as the quintessential mid-tempo hip hop package, with the most charismatic aspects of straightforward, timeless lounge and fuzzy gangsta vibes - ye, there is such a vibe, dawg - incorporated into it in fluent, exquisite fashion. The overall flow of this contribution shows an exceptional awareness regarding sheer musical drama and how the components of said drama could be invited to establish a legitimate hip hop backdrop. The mixtape trades one tight, top tier sonic environment for the other, the common denominator being the aforementioned laid back attitude, receiving clever compliments in the form of an unusually dense presence of competent, emotionally colorful rapping. How about the creepily beautiful "The Godfather" vibe summoned by fragile acoustic guitars in the track called "Topic of Discussion"? Even the TITLE reeks a tame (?) promise of intimidation. You instinctively know that the music is simply too beautiful to work with THIS business meeting, if you catch my drift.

I've been mentioning the unusually dense amount of rapping obtainable on the disc, which is a tendency reigning rampant/evident pretty much throughout the entire spin, though a relative readiness to fill the gaps between rapping with tasty melodic hooks, is notable. The diverse sonic fabrics are doing a superb job at assuaging your spiritual calibration, pleasing your aware receptors as true ear-candy, provided you are both open minded enough and willing to accept what they want to-, what the really seek to communicate. The ultimate meaning is timeless, of course, and this disc manages to capture it on a constant basis. The tracks, these sonic atmospheres communicate a row of supremely important things that only the heart can decipher, and the urban life of a concrete jungle and its surroundings is "just" one of the BONUS! attractions you can - quite literally - hear about on this perfectly fine affair.

Check out Freezy's Cypher Sessions mixtape here.

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