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Friday, May 4, 2012

Rahat - A Seraph's Gift review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States in way of Bengali
Official site : >- here - <

Buy it at Bandcamp

This review starts out with a brief bio of Rahat, taken from the official site. Here it is : "Rahat is a Bengali Hip Hop artist from The Bronx New York. He has been rapping for fun since Middle School as a way to impress his girlfriends, but it quickly evolved into a way of life once he saw how effective it was as both a form of stress relief and a way to tell the stories of his life and situations growing up in The Bronx."

Rahat's full length hip hop declaration has a multitude of smartly limited ways of registering in you, and the way you accept the stimuli is largely - in fact, primarily - dependent on the nervous system you happen to approach it with. What I personally like about the delivery is the super-tame cyberpunk vibe it sounds to exhibit throughout all in the audio-spirit of the classic video game Killer Instinct. As prestigious as said title is, it needs to be mentioned that the music production standards have been tamely evolving since then, yet the Seraph's Gift CD emerges valiant enough to disregard this, embracing the '90s synthpop ethos like there is no tomorrow, nor yesterday. Read on to find out more about this.

Rahat delivers you easily accessible, stone traditional synthpop backdrops with either a friendly, spaced out chick singing melodic hip hop interludes that connect the rap sessions with pitch correction studio rhetorics, or it is Rahat himself coming back to you at the chorus, re-iterating a point of particular relevance amidst his current sentiments of density.

I'm going to be honest with you and I will tell you that I did not find the lyrical themes of the disc consistent throughout. This, I guess, partly is fine. According to Aldous Huxley, the only consistent people are dead, anyway. A healthy amount of this full length spends time seeking to buck you up, assuming you need it and you whine down in the dumps coated in blue. Nietzsche thinks you suck crimson giraffe dick. You know the deal : now is the time to make up your mind, feel free to join me and reign by my side, etc. This is not a verbatim quote, but a faithful rendition of the narrative premiere feeling the record most often seeks to toll on me.

There are relevant highlights on the disc, but the majority of the showtime rides on top of the narration I just gave you an example of, and Rahat has this very peaceful way of rapping that not really makes one to be tempted/needy to look outside the window if he is there yet with the twelve gauge/ two grenades to greet you Bone Thugz 'N Harmony style. Rahat is the friendly dudette from the high school years who is brave enough to be peaceful, and, to seek to offer some - and then some and then some more - friendly pointers on how to cope with the mere defenselessness against rigorous existence.

The one track I love on the disc throughout AND which I think is the definite highlight delivery for me, is called "Confrontation War". The reason for this is not that I'm an aggressive person. You know I'm your favorite latex gimp music critic with a heart of butter and gold. Yet, "Confrontation War" features tight variation and elegant moods, and a much more wide dynamic range in the rapping. Talking about ranges, I dare say the record has no low end. Why.

Other than that, do not at all assume that the release is anything less than a stable effort, because it is. Its peaceful temper-, its pacing grows on you while in the middle of it. Expect a calm and restrained taxi ride in a yellow cab, - if there are such things yet in New York, New York, I've never been there so far - and do not at all expect a GTA session with subterfuge intimidation and buckshot romantics.

Check out Rahat at his official site and then listen/purchase the album at his Bandcamp site.

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