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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JANG - Jungle Duets review

Year : 2012
Genre : Experimental Progressive Jungle Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : various, see text
Official site : > - here - <

As the artist JANG informs the visitors, the Junge Duets track collection - think of an EP length - reveals sketches of the Jungle in collusion with old friends, and new ones. This particular release will be the second installment of a trilogy of contributions thematized on experimental tiger-romantics.

The music is immensely free spirited and capricious in its character, never too much preoccupying itself with the prolongation of any given idea that it momentarily chooses to submit to. The one quality that I have just been informed you about, is the sole defining factor of how you will like this stimuli. I, personally think - because I have no legitimate capacity to inform you of other impressions - that the flow of things look like a sightseeing amidst a nice collection of diligently realized plastic-animals in a safari museum, waiting to be built into full scale models. Oops : full scale songs. Read on to find out more about the disc.

The music is extremely organic and analog, - both are positive notions if you were wondering - and it is noticeable that each and every participant/contributor of it have put their respective skills to good-, and diligently limited use. Luckily, no one is here to show off her/his "emence skillzzz" on the instrument in an egotistical wankery-fest, instead every musician is here to adore the causal-experimental beauty of the sonic fabric that is given birth to by a jammy sense of tame, random intimation. The stuff simply sounds good and "analogously-realistic" in its organic full-scale tame-rabidity : the music is out to reveal richly detailed landscapes, and it DOES that, then it is killed off in front of your helpless, very eyes. Auuuua. WHY!

The record is bound to be good, but it, in my opinion commits the mistake of thinking less of numerous of its appeals - or fails to recognize them?? hardly, otherwise it would not feature those - than those are guaranteed to serve a fun time for if let to. Simply put : I hear great ideas, solid musical initiatives being abandoned for another surge of those. The disc, even in THIS-, relatively and playfully disorganized form, packs a truly likable charisma of pure charm-power unalloyed, as the sum total of its said "virtual deficits" convey a sense of underground sex appeal to it. A sex appeal which necessarily emerges and gets defined in the form of your mere reflection towards the unalloyed love of music the contribution is a celebration of. ALAS!, the rites of the celebration are not yet organized, and the heart and the soul of the celebration are the rites itself.

Though this is as original and organic at heart as music will ever get, and the whole stuff is incorporated into the fine scent of prehistoric - no Jungle pun intended - demo distribution era when musicians sent their stuff into the open to be picked up by anyone, it needs two things, in my opinion : more - I dare say - arrogant and "bullyous" song structures, and listeners. The things I have heard on this disc are good enough to sell a loop of them here and there, trust me. In this day and age, getting your music out there is the easiest part, and putting someone beside it to listen to it - without YOU paying the motherfucker - is the hardest. This project demands your serious attention, because it is - as noted - extremely free spirited and eventful music, one that I think already has the dormant capacity to give life to a legit full length IF not numerous, but the ideas need to be shaped-, formed-, arranged into a tad more arrogant song structures with more prolonged narratives to them, in my opinion.

There are some "completed" tracks here, too : concluding piece, Nightfall Through The Trees - featuring Kevin Ian from the Common Men - is a whole with intact elements, and the vocal contribution reminds me of the style of David Bowie. With 2:52, this is among the lengthiest songs on the album, - the longest one clocking in at 2:55 - which tells you much about the relative caveat I have been expressing prior. Lush, extremely playful and eventful music, a backdrop for full scale sonic evolution taking place before your eyes, but it BEGS to be constructed more persistent creations of. If the respective parts/sections of the disc would be reiterated for an EXTRA time with minor interruptions, or, the songs would introduce the instruments with more "variety", already you would have a full scale LP. I truly do not consider myself a person who wants to tell the artist what and how to do - an artist like that and a person like that both deserve to be beaten to death with the skin of a peeled banana - and now this was the exception. Bring the banana! On the other hand, I still claim that I like this contribution, and deem it as the most organic and realistic of the year I have heard so far.

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