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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Theocracy - As The World Bleeds review

Year : 2011
Genre : Christian Progressive Metal
Label : Ulterium Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.0 / 10

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Theocracy started out as a one man band of fronter Matt Smith's, who wanted to make Christian metal music that others hopefully would keenly listen to, and the original-, still-present intention worked out well enough to shape up a now-five-members squad that produce not only relevant Christian metal, but relevant progressive metal music in general. First and foremost, it is safe to say that you will do yourself a huge favor and will saving yourself from missing out if you are not dismissing this release because it is "bah, justchristianmetal", as this Christian metal release, trust me, also packs a tremendous burst of creative power punches along a myriad of quite adeptly operated metal-lingos. And my word is kind of good in the matter, because I believe in God more than to believe in him. Theocracy's As The World Bleeds is not afraid-, in fact, quite enthusiastic to elegantly stroll along the quite different genre-traits of metal during its charming run of charismatic progressive cheese-power, and it simply never fails to come up with delicate stimuli of each. Guys, let's talk about the music.

Theocracy's latest is an extremely eventful contribution, of which the primal characteristics are an urge to define the epic (synonyme : cheesy) chorus, yet, the way the band is approaching those from, is never calculable, and always shows readiness to surprise you along an acceptable register. The album showcases a wide variety of metal styles and related behaviors, and what makes it work is the well balanced persistence that each touched genre gets its due with. If and when Theocracy switches from a power metalish stance to a thrashy approach or vice versa - which they will do, oh, so beautifully! - than you can be sure that the band will stick to that particular direction for a healthy amount of time without dismissing it far too soon. This capacity to interchange genre traits with each other is ubiquitous and exigently operated on the delivery, and seldom are times that the album exhibits weaknesses apart from the - usually - cheesefestation choruses.

The basic vibe of the release is a positively traditional metal sound that is not on the hunt for effect wizardry at all, and there is no need for that, either. Well articulated, comprehensible, furious-where-due drumming reigns with an iron fist in the middle of sanely arranged components of your classic metal build. Matt Smith's vocal capacities demand steady recognition : his mid-range is strong, his affectation tolerable, - kind of frightening at first in the opening track - and, funnily enough, his voice gets even stronger when he goes higher. Attention! Do not judge the record by the vocals of the first track, because I personally jumped up 3 meters+ high after I've heard the first sung line of the record. OK, I admit I find the lyrics pretty corny there, too.

As hinted, the relatively weaker parts are the choruses, in my opinion. They do not strike this mind as exciting or evidently meaningful/relevant as their respective surroundings. The chorus of the titular track, "As The World Bleeds" does not do anything to me. Yet, fortunately, the chorus is just a smaller part of an otherwise robust delivery, it's just that I simply find all non-chorus things of it much more efficient and kick-ass than the chorus itself sounds to me as.

The religious overtones on the LP are not obtrusive or brutally assertive at all, they do not seek to alter your belief system - if you are big enough of a douché to have a finalized one, that is - and the album shows no interest in converting you to a Christian beliava'. I'm pagan by the way, so it explains why reviewing this album made me grow 666 little horns on my ass. Theocracy's As The World Bleeds demands your immediate attention, regardless of the sub-genre of metal you are the premiere admirer of. This is top of the heat charmingly cheesy metal music with pink latex choruses, which makes the more serious parts of it all the more commanding when they are folding back on you.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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