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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inside You - That Occurs Around Us review

Year : 2011
Genre : Gothic - Industrial
Label : CD Maximus
Origin : Russia
Rating : 8.2 / 10

Fellow countrymen of mixed martial arts WarGod Fedor Emelianenko bring you some quite properly presented mixture of industrialized goth vibes, that which, fortunately enough, has nothing at all to do with an intent to resonate registers of gloom, sorrow and related sentiments. Instead, Inside You's That Occurs Around Us transmits from the more angst-filled, nevertheless, playful and strangely beautiful pole of the goth palette, cultivating a mixture that is akin to what you would expect if to marry Rammstein with Sisters of Mercy. This Russian approach of freshly presented goth fury comes to you with a true passion behind itself, resulting in 51 minutes of a pleasantly varied experience gravitating around an easily decipherable, energetic goth rage. A goth rage that has the evident agenda to bath you in feelings of hot and playful intensity, utterly refraining from theoretic means of turning you into a hollow stack of flesh and bones, having abused your awareness and raped your soul good and proper.

The output features two songs sung in Russian language, but do not be afraid, or not that much, anyway : these two tracks are at the end of the album, and they do not at all lack the impact characterizing the first nine contributions. As noted, it is quite evident that Inside You has a true passion for this style, and they grasp a solid understanding of how this shape of music is able to deliver its intricacies in the most efficient manner : the guitar is thick and quite sci-fi sounding, hardly, if ever addressing its desire to go on an autonomous stroll on its own, instead it serves as the ever-present and welcomed solution to establish a melodic pulse that is ready to ensue into a wall of sound when need dictates. Synths and various industrial elements are widely used throughout the record to establish a convoluted mass of sonic richness along the intensified portions of the release.

Intensity and sanely positioned musical routes between these intense periods are essential building blocks on the LP : Inside You, fortunately enough, has more diverse of an understanding of their favorite genre than going slow and going furious, so the readiness and playfulness they chase the grooves around with, guarantees, in fact, a surprisingly well-varied and freshly presented experience, coming through as a constant, integral vibe not a tad less mature than what the genre's top of the heat has to offer.

From a vocal point of view, one has a hunch that there are numerous vocalists on their respective hunt here, but it comes off as a fortunate development, as all singers have some audible desire to declare passionately, nevertheless staying away wisely from doing extreme things of ridicule with their vocal cords, like some metal corish "me mummy neva luhuvd meheeee" affair or what not.

The majority of the output comes to you along fast, nevertheless quite cleverly varied registers, with an occasional down tempo delivery being spiced on the top of the whole fabric. These slower deliveries, too, have the same passion and love for the genre as proper fuel behind them, so rest assured that they won't disappoint, and their role will be utterly appreciated when Inside You unleashes the charming form of goth angst in the very next moment.

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